Top 7 Similarities between Different Religions

The idea of religion came into existence only to make sure that people live a clean, virtuous and an orderly life. When religion came out a set of rules, regulations, principles, and doctrines that had to follow to lead the right form of life people began following them. However, when it came to dogmas, people wished they can have the liberty to twist facts or thread stories that aren’t a part of reality. This led to the concept of multiple religions with each religion having many other groups within them. The idea of groups within religion and separation between religions came as a result of these dogmas. So here we are listing the top 7 similarities between different religions and the ideas that unite us all.


Love All:

Love is certainly the mother of all other virtues, and this is what almost all the religions in the world emphasize. Without love, it is not possible for co-existence of mankind. Helping and serving each other will never happen without the virtue of love. So love is the basic foundation of all religions.


Respect is the next factor that follows love. Respect, in fact, is the basic way to help people to love and serve one another. Forgetting all the differences, no matter what they are, and respecting people is the dictum of every religion.


Peace in simple terms is the act of staying away from factors that promote or cause non-violence. All this are simply stated in different ways in the holy books of different religions that is to stop violence and spread peace and humanity.


The concept of Karma is quite tricky. Though religions do not encourage the concept of tit for tat, what you sow is what you reap is a universal concept, and all religions stress that as well. So do good things, and you will see things happening to you.


Learn to forgive your friends when they make mistakes, but that is not a great deal. Forgive your enemies as well this is the catch in the concept of forgiveness. It is not quite easy to forgive your enemy. If you do so, you are enriching your soul.


If love is the best virtue, then what follows it is the gift of brotherhood. The concept of equality and love are focussed only on brotherhood. In most countries, the concept of complete brotherhood becomes a question mark as there are a lot of differences.

Fear of God:

It is fear in the right sense before you misunderstand what is stated here. As we stated earlier, the fact that religions were framed to create orderliness in man, he is asked to fear God in order to do the right thing every time you do something. A belief that there is always a watch over us.