Seven Important Lessons from World Religions Everyone Should Know

All of us know only a few religions that are spread across the world or the ones that are predominantly followed. But there are so many religions that we sometimes find even their names very much new when we hear it for the first time. No matter what the religion is and how many people follow it, there is something that every religion has for us to know and follow. So here are some of the important lessons that religions teach us.


Christianity: Love your enemies

Though all religions emphasis on the virtue of love, if there is one religion that purely made up love and its golden rule, then it is Christianity. If you love your neighbour and help him because you like him or as a return favour, this is probably not the right kind of love. You will be gladly acknowledged as a lovable person only when you have the capacity to forgive your enemies and love him as a symbol of acceptance.

Hinduism: Do your duty without desire for reward

It is not right to do your duty and expect a reward for it. That is the reason as to why we ought to call it a duty. If you are entitled to do something, and you are bearing the responsibility, then you are obviously responsible for completing the task without expecting anything as a favour, except for what you are morally bound to receive.

Judaism: Behaviour matters the most

Judaism is one of the oldest religions in history and no doubt it had strict rules and principle laid down for people to follow. This is the reason as to why Judaism mainly focuses on the behaviour of a person and states that it is more important than anything else in the world. Your behaviour represents your character so be watchful.

Islam: Use your anger to create, not destroy

Though there are a lot of great things is Islam, this one lesson is purely attributable to the Islamic religion. While all the religions spoke about love, compassion and forgiving, it is this religion that spoke about the importance of the right type of anger. Anger isn’t wrong as long it is constructive and not destructive in nature.

Buddhism: Be watchful of what you think.

Buddhism is also one of the most loved religions of the world. The principles of the religion are simple but deep. This religion teaches us to be careful of what we think. Our thoughts have the power to turn into reality. This is the reason why we are always asked to think positively and act accordingly.

Confucianism: It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop

One of the great motivational things I have heard off-lately. Confucianism teaches us that as long as we do not stop our pursuit, it doesn’t matter how slowly we are moving towards it. In case if you find people demotivating you for the time that you take you to reach your goal. Do not worry as long as you have valid reasons.

Zoroastrianism: Good is divided from the evil

Just like there is a bifurcation between the day and night, good stays away from bad. So it is our utmost duty to be productive and make full use of the good and stay away from the bad things that are present around us.